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Digital Smile Design

Smile design, Digital Smile Design

The term “smile design” might sound new when it’s compared to more conventional dental terms such as canal therapy, filling or a tooth extraction. Although a relatively new concept, smile design is actually closely related to oral and dental health. So what is this “smile design”? Smile design is a dental treatment in which you can design any changes you want to see in your smile with the help of your dentists. Smile design is also a treatment that will boost your confidence and give you a natural and flawless smile.

How Is Smile Design Treatment Implemented?

Unlike popular understanding of the matter, smile design is not a type of dental treatment or some sort of a beauty package in which the same treatment is implemented for everyone with the same results. Filling the space between your teeth, changing the misshaped tooth, relocating your teeth, improving the look of your teeth and gums or making your teeth whiter are all examples of smile design treatments. In smile design, you can actually design the way you want to smile and all the necessary procedures will be done accordingly. It should be noted, however, that smile design treatment must be implemented with the guidance and help of a professional dentist specialized in smile design treatment under all circumstances.

Which Dental Problems can Be Treated with Smile Design?

No matter what their age, anyone can apply for a treatment when it comes to benefit from aesthetic dentistry services, but as it is closely related to your oral health and well being, our professional dentists specialized in smile design treatment will always be there for you for any possible complications.

Aesthetic dentistry is no different from other dental treatments. Your oral health and well being will be taken into account, as well as other factors such as how aesthetic the result is and what materials are used in the process.

Are Aesthetic Dentistry Treatments Safe?

Aesthetic dentistry does not cause any harm to your health, because there is no difference between traditional dentistry and aesthetic dentistry: your health and well-being are utmost priorities for both of them. The only difference of aesthetic dentistry is that visual and aesthetic issues are also taken into account.

Treatments in aesthetic dentistry such as smile design or bleaching are all implemented by professional dentists specialized in aesthetic dentistry. Before even beginning the treatment, professional dentists take all possible results into consideration and proceed accordingly.

  • Protective and Preventive Dentistry
  • Yellowing Teeth or Other Discoloration
  • Broken Tooth
  • Sunken Gum and Misshapen Teeth
  • Gaps in Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Gummy Smile Correction Treatment
  • What to Avoid Before Smile Design Treatment
  • Smoking

Realistic Design

Before starting to a smile design treatment, you need to make sure what smile you want to achieve. Most dentists can provide you the result of the future treatment through digital software and show you how you will look after the treatment. You can use that image and make changes on the design if necessary. After the final design is set and you are happy with it, just leave everything else to your professional dentist.


Smile design is not a standard oral and dental treatment that can be applied to everyone in the same way. This is why there is no standard price package and the pricing is calculated and is individualized according to the different treatments the patient gets so as to apply to the patient’s special needs. The pricing of smile design treatment may vary according to the type and number of procedures. Dentistry tools, the experience of the dentist, the technique used for anaesthetize the patient and other criteria may also influence the pricing.

Can Anyone Get a Smile Design Treatment?

Although smile design treatment is less risky compared to other dental treatments, smile design is still requires the guidance of a professional dentists specialized in aesthetic dentistry. Whether your oral and dental health is suitable for a smile design treatment will be determined by your dentist. Before beginning the treatment, you dentist will check your report of dental treatments and make a general check-up. If there is a problem that may influence your treatment, your dentist will re-plan your treatment according to your oral and dental well-being.

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