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Satisfaction, Treatmen Planning & Happy Patients

Happy Patient Satisfaction and Treatment Planning

1- Meeting & Sharing

Please fill out the form by sending us your complaints or wishes. Only after initial information can treatment planning be carried out.

2- Planning & Proposal

Our team will examine your request and create an individual offer for your treatment within 48h. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.

3- Treatment Time

Only with your consent will the treatment be started. Implementation and organization of the treatment according to the timetable.

4- Last Control

In good cooperation, the timetable as well as the achievement of the treatment goal can be ensured. Even after the treatment, we remain in contact with our patients.

5- Healthy and Happy Smiles

With the treatment we apply in our clinic MYRA Dental, you get an attractive, radiant and healthy smile.

Planned Routine Controls

Regularly, at least one dental examination is carried out in the calendar year.

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