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Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry, Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry is created combining the computer technology and modern dentistry. The treatment duration is shortened with 3-D screening.

Digital dentistry uses technologic products, including all solutions, which facilitate diagnosis and treatment planning with 2 and 3 dimension, reliable, high quality resolution screening methods. Panoramic X-Ray becomes a routine diagnosis tool which used to be the most important and irreplaceable tool in digital dentistry.

Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Radiography method is very crucial in terms of identifying complications, occur on teeth. All of the teeth in a mouth and all kinds of problems in the chin system could be observed in one X-ray film with panoramic X-Ray. X-Rays are very important on identifying cists or tumors in maxilla, identifying the level of bone losses and identifying any of breaks or decays, which cannot be seen by visual examination. Before all kinds of surgeries, implant treatment or orthodontic operations, radiography should be applied. Operating X-Ray in digital atmosphere reduces the radiation absorption and increases the resolution quality. This is highly effective on positive results of the treatment, as well. The X-Rays, also help teeth and chin system to be seen through 4 different positions. This methods, which is more quality compared to other methods, could be also applied to children.

Advantages of Digital Panoramic X-Ray System

  • This X-Ray system has a special mode which shows the whole chin system of the patients who have a wider chin structure.
  • It has a special mode which is developed for children.
  • The measurement tool in X-Ray facilitates implant applications.
  • It utilizes the film reflecting periapical quality.
  • It uses orthogonal film feature which enables to see the hidden teeth and accumulated lesions.
  • The whole teeth and chin structure could be seen with one X-Ray.
  • The decay, break and tumor, which is not observed with visual examination, could be seen in the X-Ray.
  • Many diseases could be treated with early diagnoses thanks to this X-Ray method. Therefore, cost reduction could be obtained while also saving time.
  • Visual quality is increased thanks to digital X-Ray system. Moreover, it is a healthier alternative in terms of less radiation.
  • DR system is equipped in this X-Ray system. DR system allows zoom in or zoom out when needed, allows to record on CD and to submit the screens via e-mail.
  • Digital dentistry applications specially offer effective and reliable solutions in implant surgery and prosthesis planning.

CAD/CAM Systems

Dental CAD/CAM system is a computer supported modern technology in dentistry which enables dentist to take digital measures, have scans and make related restorations directly on the patient’s mouth.

Using this system, upper restoration for the tooth, which treatment is applied to, could also be completed in the same treatment session. The biggest advantage of this system is to complete the treatment in the shortest amount of time, like one session, as well as the treatment is also esthetic in terms of both patient and surgeon.

Another important advantage of the system is to eliminate vomiting reflex, which is experienced in normal treatment methods while taking measures of the mouth due to using measurement tools applied inside the mouth.

Some of the treatments, operated using this system, could be listed as follows:

  • Restoration of excessively worn teeth after canal treatment.
  • Replacing before restored teeth with more esthetic and suitable restorations.
  • İnlay-onlay porcelain filling
  • Full porcelain restoration on implant etc.
  • Smile design with digital systems


Smile design, which becomes one of the most essential parts of esthetic dentistry, could be applied with modern digital dentistry easier and faster ways.

The final expected view of the face is shown to the patient in the session, when the planning is made, and this opportunity is very beneficial for both the patient and surgeon.

Convenience and esthetic is achieved thanks to 3 dimension view, shown to the patient, so that the patient is able to explain all of her expectations from this operation and this convenience of computer supported programs move the dentistry to a new level.

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