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Dental Root Canal Operation

Root canal, Dental Root Canal Operation

Root canal operation (Endodontic) is a field of dentistry which focuses on treatment of root canals. There is tooth enamel under the white section of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Answers for your questions including,  what it is, why and how it is applied are in this article. Did your dentist or endodontist tell you that you needed root canal treatment? If yes, you are not alone. Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is applied to millions of tooth roots in each year. We created this article about root canal treatment to help you smile and make your relief.


There is a hard tissue, which is called tooth enamel, under the white section of the tooth, on the other hand, dentin is under this hard tissue. Dentin: the main layer of the tooth, which is similar to bone, sourced from mesoderm, it is harder than bone because its 70-75% of dry weight is calcium dust. There is one more section in the tooth under dentin, which is called Dental pulp. This section, which also known as root of tooth, is a connection tissue, which is located in tooth root area, is surrounded by dentin, has shaping, nutritive, sensorial and preventive functions, vascularized, covered with neuron networks and leaves the tooth root area, if needed. This section helps tooth to grow. Teeth are not able to remain alive without pulp.

Step by Step Root Canal Treatment

Do you need Canal Root Treatment? Don’t worry! Problems including decay, pulp infection, and tooth structure loss could be removed. Let’s learn root canal treatment in 10 steps.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 1

    Tooth and dental tissues, which local anesthesia will be applied to, is got anesthesia with injection. If the pulp is inflammatory, the anesthesia might take some time. Dentist does not start operation without the tooth goes totally numbed.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 2

    Rubber-dam is a material in dentistry, which is put to mouth, to isolate the related part in the mouth. Many dentist prefer using this material to facilitate root canal treatment. The diseased tooth is dissociated from other teeth with a rubber thin layer. Use of Rubber-dam enables to perform the canal treatment in a sterilized area.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 3

    Pulp hole and root canal is achieved by opening a small hole in the diseased tooth.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 4

    Special designed tools are used to reach the diseased or dead pulp tissue and tooth roots. Any pain is not felt since the area got anesthesia however when the treatment is started in the neurons, pains might be felt.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 5

    The canals are disinfected with antiseptic and antibacterial solutions.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 6

    After root canal treatment, tooth canal is shape and cleaned with small flexible tools to ensure impermeability.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 7

    Root canal tissues are chose according to adapt inside of the canal. Generally rubber or similar materials are used to fill the canal hole. Canal hole is filled by using an adhesive filling material with a thermoplastic material. Impermeability in the canals are crucial. Everything should be planned and applied in order to eliminate re-infection issues, caused by bacteria.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 8

    The opened hole is filled with temporary or permanent filling material. Rubber-dam is removed.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 9

    After root canal treatment, the tooth is covered with a temporary filling material to prevent it from infection before tooth contamination. An antibiotic treatment should be taken after the operation. The instructions of dentist and endodontist must be obeyed. After a nearly one week from the treatment, with our without prescription (codeine-type or aspirin, ibuprofen) medicine might be used. Little inconvenience after the treatment is normal.

  • Canal Root Treatment Step 10

    Expert support should be taken to change the lost tooth structure and to have a full impermeability on the tooth. Controls should be missed and you should see your dentist in case of any problems. The possibility of encountering such problems is very little if you brush your teeth regularly and pay attention to what you eat and drink.

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