Dental Implants

Dental Implants Treatment

Implant Placement Procedure

The dental implant operation are made of a small incision in the gums for placement of the implant itself which is attached to the jaw bone prepared for treatment.

The recovery time can vary depending on bone density, indeed during this healing implants the jaw slowly allows the integration of it inside the body. Therefore the implant is going to be held in place by a jaw bone.


Common practices

Some dentists prefer to manage personally all phases of implant sagittal but the majority generally prefer the periodontist or oral surgeon to implant placement which could take place in different moments.

Implant operations are kindly to be very successful with over 90% rate of proper accomplishment. While the implants, happening in the upper side of the mouth have a slightly higher success rate. Nevertheless the a the high percentage of well-made operation some could just fail for several reasons. Failure of an implant, could be addressed for several causes but they are mostly depending on the quality of the material utilized by the clinic as well as the quality of the clinic itself, that’s why you should always verify the reliability of any oral care structure, before making such operations.


One Day Implant: Cerec

Cerec CAD / CAM dental technology can take the measure of your teeth and right away it can produce your new teeth-prosthesis in an incredibly short time so we can replace our inspection. This technology also could help us to understand if the treatment went well and if the tooth adapted to the mouth shape without the risk of being rejected by the body.

This modern machine ensure you to have an high quality implant creation along with a constant and quickly check, drastically reducing the time you are going to spend into the clinic.

A healthy life starts with oral and dental health.


Smokers Beware!

Yet implant could turn into a negative experience for smokers, up to 20% failure risk for dental implant operation, we indeed recommend stop smoking at least for the imminent period after the surgery.

Before starting any surgical procedure the protection of the area in which doctors will operate is extremely important in order to get an optimal final result, the interested area should be extremely well clean.

Once the implant is made it could also require a short period for the structure in order to perfectly fit within your mouth.

A proper operation after being accomplished guarantee you a  beautiful smile view with a solid structure for the pleasure of your eyes, but it will also generate a unique feeling in your mouth because of your new and strong mastication stimulating positively your psychological condition.


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